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A well behaved dog is a pleasure to take anywhere

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Do you need help teaching your dog the basics?

Or perhaps your dog already knows how to sit… but is it reliably on first command, or only when he/she feels like it?

Training improves communication and leadership helping to create a stronger bond between you and your dog.


We believe that every dog should have not only a level of basic obedience, but also good manners and behaviour within the home and out. Our training method addresses both obedience and manners to help you get the best from your furry friend, enabling him/her to be a pleasure to have around at any occasion.

Before you decide to start at home training with your dog, you will receive a no obligation over the phone consultation. This will give us a better idea of your dogs current abilities and what you would like to achieve from the training sessions. You will also receive a detailed account of the training methods used, what we will cover in your first session and the cost involved.


All training is done ‘hands on’ and you are welcome to phone or email at any time between or after sessions with any additional questions which may arise and you will continue to receive ongoing advice and support.