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Many people find themselves living such a busy lifestyle, leaving them time poor and unable to provide their dogs with adequate exercise

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A regular daily walk, either in a group situation or solo, will enable your dog to burn up all that stored energy, socialise, explore environments outside of the backyard and stimulate their mind with exciting smells, sights and sounds.


Dogs on a group walk are picked up from their home and transported safely to an off leash park where they run, play games, sniff and explore for a whole hour before being bought back home, water bowl filled and left to sleep the rest of the day away.

A maximum of 4 dogs at any one time are taken and all dogs are temperament matched to ensure they receive the best experience possible.


Alternatively dogs are collected from the home and taken on a walk around the immediate district on leash either solo or with another dog from the same household. The duration of these walks can be either one or half an hour according to the client’s preference.

For the difficult dog or dog which has no manners or obedience on leash, we offer our training walk service. During these walks your dog will be taught how to walk on the leash without pulling, assume and remain in the sit position before being invited to cross the road, walk in a heel position and practice general good on leash manners. If you feel your dog may benefit from these walks, please contact us for more information.


We make sure water bowls are filled and dogs are settled comfortably back into the home at the conclusion of every walk.

All dogs are closely monitored during all walks and any signs of weakness, sickness or pain are immediately reported to the owner or the dog is taken to their veterinarian if required as per prior arrangement.

Happy snaps of your pooch having fun in the park or patrolling the district are also sent to clients as per request.


A well exercised, socialised and mentally stimulated dog is a content dog and many clients find that a myriad of behavioural issues are lessened or even resolved purely by having their dogs taken for walks when they themselves do not have the time.

Areas covered for our dog walking services Northern Beaches include the following:  Allambie, Allambie Heights, Balgowlah, Beacon Hill, Brookvale, Collaroy, Collaroy Plateau, Cromer, Curl Curl,  Dee Why,  Fairlight, Manly, Manly Vale, Narrabeen, Narraweena, North Curl Curl, North Narrabeen,  Queenscliff,  and Wheeler Heights. If you are just outside one of these areas and require dog walking services please feel free to call and we will do our best to accommodate you.