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Who rules the roost in your household?

Has your dog taken over the comfiest seat in the lounge, prime TV viewing position, or ,worse still, kicked you out of your own bed?

Has entertaining at home almost become a thing of the past? Can’t have kids and guests relaxing at your place without the threat of your dog stealing their food or jumping up and knocking them over with an over enthusiastic greeting?

Or perhaps your dogs’ interest lies in redesigning your previously landscaped backyard, and turning it into something resembling a moonscape instead?


Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

There are many ways we find ourselves being manipulated by our lovable furry friends, and while some behaviour may start out being seemingly ‘cute’, they can also escalate into serious problems.

As important as love and affection are in a dogs’ life, balance can be upset and issues arise without an equally important set of rules and boundaries.


As a qualified trainer, I can show you how to correctly address a myriad of behavioural problems to help you regain harmony and happiness in the household and achieve the relationship you’ve always wanted with your dog.

Obedience and behaviour modification go hand in hand, and through our training method you will be taught how to develop a language your dog will understand which can be applied in any situation.

With far too many dogs these days ending up in shelters waiting for new homes, or worse still, being euthanised, at Beyond the Leash we remain committed to breaking down the communication barriers between humans and dogs to enable your dog to truly become “mans best friend”